Halong Bay

Bo Nau Cave
Bo Nau Cave

Halong Bay was amazing. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – got some pretty good pics. Got a boat out into the bay and when it docked, we were allowed to jump from the top into the water. I did it twice, not the nicest tasting water ever and was sorta scary.

We kayaked later, to a cave and back. Was fun, hadn’t done it in years but it was a good way to see the bay and get to the cave. The cave was pretty cool, small so had to crawl a fair bit. It got dark pretty quickly outside so when we kayaked back it was pitch black. Felt a bit unsafe but the guides worked well to keep everyone together and in the end nothing went wrong at all!

BBC chosen for Vietnam tourism commercial
Halong bay

Had some good food on the boat and talked to some Dutch guys all night, surreal talking to all of these people and knowing that you’ll never see them again. They had travelled China, and their friends had done India. A league above what we’re doing!

Ours is a popular route so we still bump into these Irish guys that were on the tour in pretty much every place we go. They like to drink.