Sun World Halong Park


Sun World Ha Long Park is the largest tourist – recreational complex of Vietnam. The complex is a megaproject at continental-level including exclusive and innovative parks. Visiting Sun World Halong Park, tourists can participate in a range of games and explore interesting attractions that makes you feel living in a mysterious “Dragon land” with plenty of captivating and novel attraction.

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Featuring a total area of 214 ha, Sun World Ha Long Park consists of 2 main sectors linked by a sea-crossing cable car line: Beach amusement complex and Mystic Mountain complex.

The 2-km long cable car will take visitors to the Mystic Mountain complex. There are numerous activities and things to see including the Zen garden, coin-op games and Sun Wheel – world’s top highest ferries wheel.

Sun World Halong Park is a product of Sun Group, one of the leading corporations in investment and construction of amusement complex and resorts such as Ba Na Hills, Asia Park, Fansipan Legend… With the experience and reputation of Sun Group, Sun World Halong Park is on its way to become a world-class amusement spot and attraction in Vietnam.

Opening time

  • Monday – Friday: 3 p.m – 10.30 p.m
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays:

– Morning: 8 a.m – 11.00 a.m

– Evening: 3 p.m – 10.30 p.m


Dragon Park

Dragon Park via Chudu24

A world filled with fun-packed games and adventurous entertainment that sees guests soaring and weaving through the beautiful Ha Long scenery.

Mystic Mountain Complex

Zen Garden

Surrounding the Mystic Mountain Palace, Zen Garden is an unique viewpoint offering visitors a great bird-eye view towards one of the best corners of the heritage city. Inspired by the Okayama Korakuen garden, the charm of Japanese spirit looms out of the bonsai trees, penzai tray landscape, waterfalls, Koi lake and Mt. Fuji miniature, all carefully cultivated and randomly arranged.

Queen Cable Car

The journey across Halong Bay by Queen cable car, joining Ocean station with Sun station with the Queen cable car line, is a fantastic experience not to be missed in Sun World Halong Park. This is the only path connecting the beach amusement complex with the mount of Ba Deo. Visitors can enjoy the ride contemplating the marvellous panoramic beauty of Ha Long Bay from atop.

Queen Cable car, the first reversible gondola system in Asia with duplex cabin, has achieved 2 Guinness World Records:
– Highest passenger capacity in a cable car cabin (230 passengers per cabin)
– Tallest cable car tower (188,88 meters)

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel via Bao Quang Ninh

Unrivaled panoramic view of Ha Long Bay – World Heritage site from Sun Wheel.

Located atop of Ba Deo mountain at nearly 250m above the sea-level, Sun Wheel places among the top world’s tallest sightseeing Ferris wheels. Sun Wheel Ha Long, featuring a total of 64 cabins with 384 passengers and a capacity of 1.200 passengers/hour, promises to provide visitors with a brand new outlook while gazing down the breath-taking panoramic landscape of Ha Long Bay.

Constructed by the Japanese corporation Sanoyas Hishino Meisho, Sun Wheel will be a remarkable sight in Ha Long covered by tens of thousands of colorful LED lights.

Mystic Mountain Fun Park : Kidoland, Arcade Zone, Fame Hall

Typhoon Water Park

Located in the Sun World Halong Complex, Typhoon Water Park with unique water sports, unique, unique to many tourists. Spreading an area of nearly 20 hectares, the Typhoon Water Park design inspired the leading water company model.
Satisfying the entertainment needs of all ages, the company owns a diverse, attractive 12-underwater game system, divided into three distinct areas: an amusement park for the family, an amusement park For children and the adventurous area give strong emotional cues.
The vote in the company is a cool game for the challenge. And for fun experiences, customers can try skiing from a height of more than 20 meters on the high-speed spiral, tossing a 360-degree swing in the “Tropical Storm” game. Also, the customer will try to test the process to the 45% “Swirling Rhinoceros” and experience the program “Riding the Dragon Falls” conquering the ocean …
For more training to learn the client, the company has a variety of systems, serving all customer needs. It’s a classy Typhoon Grill with sea-style barbecues, Pizza Cove is always available with a combination of fast food, or Long Bar Pool with summer hot drink menus.

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